Where Are We Headed?

Singapore’s future is uncertain. 5 years ago, I was still very confident if someone were to ask me what I feel about Singapore’s progress as a society and country as a whole. Definitely on the right track. Our future is bright. Today, if you ask the same question, I would stop and think. Let me write my thoughts out before giving you an answer. Continue reading “Where Are We Headed?”

The Singapore Election Fever

I was chatting with my friends the other day about the General Election 2011 in Singapore. From the conversations I had with them, it made me realise one thing, and it hit hard upon me, that Singaporeans are not politically apathetic at all. In fact, Singaporeans generally have a lot to say about the government, about how everything is being run here, and the rise of the opposition parties in the country. Continue reading “The Singapore Election Fever”