A Message of Love


Tomorrow marks the 46th year of independence Singapore achieved from Malaysia in 1965. One cannot deny the overwhelming achievements this country has made over these 46 years. The people worked hard to have better lives, and against all odds, managed to bring a country from its knees to become an economic miracle we see today. These may sound cheesy to many Singaporeans, who have been reading such sentences since young in their Social Studies textbooks, praising the government’s efforts to bring prosperity and progress to a Third-world country. Indeed, we have come a long way, and today lets give our country an early birthday present, by declaring our loyalty to the country. Continue reading “A Message of Love”

Patriotism at Its Best

I managed to get tickets to Combined rehearsal 3 of this year’s National Day Parade which actually falls on August 9 thanks to my friend. It was a rather last minute thing and I didnt expect to watch this year’s parade. I did bid for tickets on preview day but I got none in the end. I just hope that by the time Singapore’s new Sports Hub is built I will be able to experience something new at a brand new stadium. Continue reading “Patriotism at Its Best”