Hokkaido, Winter 2012 Part II

Next on our itinerary was Asahiyama Zoo, which is one of the most famous zoo in Japan. Unfortunately, we were unable to see many animals as some of them were not available during the winter. Yes I can totally understand. I cannot imagine a tropical animal like orang utan walking around naked in the icy Hokkaido winter. Even for me, who is used to the bitter cold from Switzerland to South Korea, Hokkaido’s winter is totally in its own league. Continue reading “Hokkaido, Winter 2012 Part II”

Hokkaido, Winter 2012 Part I

After a semester of studies in my first year of college, holidays finally arrived, and I was able to spend my well-deserved break in Hokkaido, a winter wonderland. In the eyes of a Singaporean, Hokkaido is like a heavenly place full of mysteries and wonder. Firstly, we dont see snow in Singapore. Secondly, there is no nature surrounding us like what Hokkaido offers. Continue reading “Hokkaido, Winter 2012 Part I”