My trip to South Korea I

2 weeks after my trip to Europe, I packed my luggage again, this time to a place much nearer to home. Nevertheless, it is a well-known fact that this city is frigging cold during winter, as temperatures can drop below -10c at night, or even much lower during cold snaps. This city, Seoul, won the Best Design City 2011, and as an architecture freak myself, I was really very curious and excited to see what this city has in store for me. I can tell you, I wasn’t disappointed. Apart from the uneasiness settling inside me because of the recent death of  Kim Jong Il which resulted in heated spats and threats between both countries, North and South Korea, I was ready to explore this city with a few of my friends. This is considered my first time ‘backpacking’ to another country by planning everything myself, including flights and hotel bookings, as well as the travel itinerary. I cant help but say how proud I was when I managed to settle all this crazy administrative stuff. Now, follow me as I bring you through a journey to the Land Of Kimchi! Continue reading “My trip to South Korea I”

Europe in Winter III

After leaving Milan, we left for Switzerland on the 14th December 2011. I was rather amused by the border between both countries. It was not really a border at all, but rather a toll station. In most other countries I have visited, whenever we cross over borders, the gates are heavily guarded, and there are fences everywhere surrounding the borders of both countries. It was really weird to see all the European union countries all connected together with little barriers between the countries. Awesome. Once we drove into Switzerland, the scenery was definitely much different compared to Italy. The towering mountains of Alps, and the beautiful scenery greeted us, and the snow-capped mountains added to the overall beauty. I was really overwhelmed by the splendours and glories of nature surrounding us. Very soon, we got to see our first snow on the ground after almost 7 days in Europe. Continue reading “Europe in Winter III”