A Message of Love


Tomorrow marks the 46th year of independence Singapore achieved from Malaysia in 1965. One cannot deny the overwhelming achievements this country has made over these 46 years. The people worked hard to have better lives, and against all odds, managed to bring a country from its knees to become an economic miracle we see today. These may sound cheesy to many Singaporeans, who have been reading such sentences since young in their Social Studies textbooks, praising the government’s efforts to bring prosperity and progress to a Third-world country. Indeed, we have come a long way, and today lets give our country an early birthday present, by declaring our loyalty to the country. Continue reading “A Message of Love”

Patriotism at Its Best

I managed to get tickets to Combined rehearsal 3 of this year’s National Day Parade which actually falls on August 9 thanks to my friend. It was a rather last minute thing and I didnt expect to watch this year’s parade. I did bid for tickets on preview day but I got none in the end. I just hope that by the time Singapore’s new Sports Hub is built I will be able to experience something new at a brand new stadium. Continue reading “Patriotism at Its Best”

Can Singapore be Seen by The West as Role Model?

Singapore is an economic miracle. Not only that, its amazing achievements in the academics has left the West green in envy. In the recent article by The Economist titled Go East, young bureaucrat, it mentioned that ‘the city-state streams pupils rigorously and is unashamedly elitist; one school claims to send more students to Ivy League universities than any other secondary schools in the world’. Continue reading “Can Singapore be Seen by The West as Role Model?”

Happy Chinese New Year!

It is the year of Rabbit! Happy New Year to all Chinese and other races who celebrate Lunar New Year like Koreans and Vietnamese. One interesting thing I learnt about Vietnamese is that their zodiac animal for this year is cat and not rabbit because very long ago when the zodiac animals were brought into Vietnam from China, rabbit in Mandarin sounded like cat in Vietnamese. So the Vietnamese thought the zodiac animal of rabbit was cat instead. Up till today, they still use cat as their zodiac animal. Animals aside, I got a good number of days of off for my New year celebrations. I was supposed to work from 初2 to 初4, but I got an off for tomorrow, which is quite good since I have lots of gathering and visiting to do tomorrow. So so far NS life is good for me. I have not much complaints. I just hope everything goes on smoothly without any glitches. Continue reading “Happy Chinese New Year!”

Looking Back

I was catching an episode of Every Singaporean Son, which is a series of short clips depicting the life of an army recruit in Singapore at Pulau Tekong during our Basic Military Training ( BMT). The clips were very real, in fact they were real since they were produced when I was in BMT, and I knew they were embarking on this project to create these series. Yup, the army recruits in these videos were from my batch, and I can actually recognise some familiar faces in the videos.

These videos really gave every Singaporean a glimpse of what army is like in Tekong, especially for the younger generation of Singaporean boys who may be interested to know what their future life in army will be like. I did not have a chance of seeing this video before entering army, and I should say I could have been much better prepared mentally if I were to see these videos. Every feeling and emotion captured in the videos were so vivid and clear, I felt so connected to the recruits inside the videos, and I felt like I was suffering together with them.

One special mention would be episode 9, where they were having their fieldcamp. The tears and sweat were so natural, it made me tear as well as I recalled the tough trainings I had during my fieldcamps. I might be from Leopard, which is well-known as one of the slackest company in Tekong, because it is a warrant-officer company, but we still had our fair share of tough trainings and physical activities. Furthermore, my tough trainings in Specialist Cadet School (SCS) made me feel the pain of the soldiers digging the shellscrapes. There were some negative comments regarding the younger generation of Singaporean boys. From the crying, many had this impression that we are weak and dependent kids who will not be able to survive harsh conditions. I beg to differ, our physical fitness are shown to have improved dramatically over the past decades. This bears testament to the fact that we are in fact physically stronger than the older generation. Secondly, we have a stronger sense of belonging to our home and family. In the past, our fathers are not the only child in the family, and they may not experience family love as much as we do nowadays. Being humans, we will naturally tear when we think of our loved ones, but once we dry our tears, we are as strong as ever, being confident as to who we are fighting for, and who are worth fighting for. So to those ” Oh-I-really-hate-the-younger-generation-because-they-are-so-weak” people, think twice before commenting.

In a separate case, this NTU student who had a dialogue session with SM Goh in NTU in late October resulted in some debate over the internet. He said that he does not know ‘what he is fighting for’. Lets not care and comment about the answers given by our SM, but the fact that he asked this question shows that many other youngsters in the auditorium at that point of time actually agreed with his statement, if not he would not have dared to give such a statement. And while I do not agree with him fully, I understand what his point is and what message he is sending to our SM. That the younger generation of Singaporeans do not have a sense of belonging to our country, because either we are not satisfied with how things are running here, or we feel threatened by the influx of foreigners (which is inevitable for any small and open economy). He may mean that we have no freedom of speech and human rights, resulting in the lost of love for our country.

He may have a point here, but we do have reasons to fight for our country, and it is the very fact that our loved ones are living here, the fact that we are born here, for all the ordinary Singaporeans who need to have a peaceful night sleep and to repay for what our forefathers did to build up this tiny nation, we have the every responsibility to fight for the survival of Singapore. Thats what we are fighting for.


我们这个时代,似乎充满了矛盾。 我们学会了如何谋生,却不知如何生活。我们花费的更多,拥有的却更少。 我们的计划更多,成就却不多。我们学会了奔跑,却不知如何停下来等待。我们清洁了空气,却污染了灵魂。我们这个时代有更华丽的 屋子,却有更多破碎的家庭。高科技带来的便利更多, 时间却越来越少;知识越来越多,智慧却越来越少。这个时代, 朋友通过网络把纸片文章发给你,而你却可以选择分享它, 或者切除它。 难道我们这个时代的人不能像以前的人一样吗?