Its a gloomy day and the rain just keeps falling…I looked out of the window and thought to myself, “how nice if I can soak myself in the rain. It has been a long time since I last got wet.” I smiled.

Chinese new year is approaching. Slowly but surely new year decorations are popping up around my home. I can definitely hear the new year songs playing in the background now.

I am not fake…No matter how beautiful I am, you still think I am not real. What can I do to make you believe I am real?

Singapore Youth Olympic Games 2010

SINGAPORE, 14 Aug 2010 - Youths use lighted tubes to form five white Olympic Rings on the Reflecting Pool at the opening ceremony of the Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games in Singapore, August 14, 2010. The 2010 Youth Olympic Games opened here on Saturday.

The countdown began. The fireworks came. And the show started. It did not disappoint. As Singapore plays host to the inaugural Summer Youth Olympic Games, amid fears that the Games will not attract any attention from around the world and lack of enthusiasm among Singaporeans, the Games opened with a rousing start showcasing the multi-cultural Singapore and the zest of the youth of the 21st century. I was totally awed by the amazing performance put up by the thousands of performers. It will definitely shut the mouths of YOG-haters or people who totally underestimated the sheer size and importance of this Youth Olympic Games.

Singaporeans do not know what is important and what is not. There were so many complaints about the Games, and even the CNA added on to the criticism by showing the survey which says that 80% of Singaporeans do not bother about the games. Surprisingly, it is the foreigners and expats in Singapore who are more excited and hyped up about this event. To many of them, they have not even seen the Olympic flame in their lives, even if their city or country has hosted Olympic Games before. They do not think that Youth Olympic Games is overshadowed by the supposedly more ” important” Summer Olympic Games, in fact many of them believe that it is the spirit of Olympism, the values and friendships forged through this Games that is important, and they want to be part of it. Singaporeans know nothing about all these, but yet they are arrogant and ignorant, and think that there should not be any fuss about this Games. You are wrong. After today’s opening ceremony, it will leave Singaporeans thinking, what really happened just now? They could have just missed one of the best opening ceremonies in the world. I have so many friends who do not even bother watching the opening ceremony, and some even call it boring. But I just want to say again, you guys are wrong. Watch the repeat telecast again, and you will see. It cannot be compared to Beijing’s 2008 Olympic Games, but this opening ceremony is amazing nonetheless, and I have received comments from my forum that it is a beautiful and amazing ceremony.

A burst of fireworks explodes in the night sky during the opening ceremony of the Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games (YOG) on Aug 14, 2010. The ceremony was held at The Float@Marina Bay, a huge floating platform. The inaugural YOG, which will involve about 5,000 athletes and officials, will run until Aug 2. Photo:SPH-SYOGOC/Desmond Wee

Three cheers for Singapore. Congratulations for succeeding in realising your dreams to be an Olympic city. You have left a legacy behind and I will make sure this history will be etched in my mind for the rest of my life. And all the best to the athletes who will be participating in the Games. Enjoy your stay here in Singapore. Woohoooo.

SINGAPORE, 14 Aug 2010 - Chinese dancers perform with lanterns during the opening ceremony of the Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games at the Marina Bay in Singapore, August 14, 2010. The 2010 Youth Olympic Games opened here on Saturday.


Look at this new video by Mr Brown on the recent Orchard Road flooding. Just for laughs! =D

I have got a new dream. A car! Yes and I am taking driving lessons very soon, after my MP course which ends in late September. My parents promised that they would get a car for me next year after I passed my test! And they gave me the freedom to choose the model of car I want. Of course benz lexus and other bla bla high-end cars are out of range. And I decided to have a Mazda car! The journalist reviews have been great about the new Mazda3 2010 unveiled not too long ago. It has stylish design, insightful functionality and spirited driving dynamics. It also has amazing interiors for a compact car. It costs $76 988, and I am still waiting for the price to drop. Hopefully by next year COE will be lower.

I have another dream. I dream that I can stop being thin. Even after going to the army, I am still the same old self, thin…Even after the intense physical training, I am still the same olf self. Hmm…how to improve my size? I wonder. Anyone got any suggestions?

I am feeling really bored today. No class outings, just in my room doing nothing, and staring at my com since morning. My good friends are going overseas this weekend, and some get confined in camp, like ‘prisoners’. Poor Huyuan. Save the Winnie the Pooh!!!

And lastly, congratulations to those who got awards at Hwa Chong today for outstanding achievements in school last year.=D

Will blog more stuff tonight or tomorrow if possible. 🙂

National Day is approaching

Before we call ourselves Singaporeans, let us spend a few minutes thinking about what makes us Singaporeans, and why we must love the country we call home.

5 minutes up. What have you discovered so far during these 5 minutes? Nothing? Then you should be ashamed of holding a red passport in your hands. Something? Then you should spend another 10 minutes thinking why you cant think of more. Everything? High five brother or sister because you have just received the greatest honour of being a Singaporean.

What makes us Singaporean? Our childish complaints? Our love for food? Our harmonious society? Our love for shopping? Our wealth? Our lack of patriotism? After reading several comments from youtube about NS, I cannot help but wonder why so many Singaporeans hate their own country when so many foreigners are dying to call Singapore their home. They see so much opportunities here, and are willing to work and contribute to Singapore’s growth and success. Yet Singaporeans themselves are unwilling to contribute any and only know the negative side of this country. Maybe Singaporeans are more well-traveled nowadays and like to compare ourselves with other major cities. Somehow they prefer the life there and when they return to Singapore, they are disappointed with the way things work here. And they start to lose faith in Singapore. True to certain extent. Same goes for me. Till today, I still complain why Singapore’s Orchard Road cannot be as bustling as that of Shinjuku District in Tokyo or Times Square in New York. I still dont understand why there is no supertall in Singapore and all our buildings are only between 200-250m. I wonder when Singapore’s streets will be as vibrant as streets in Hong Kong and Tokyo where there are huge and colourful advertisement boards, LED screens everywhere which will make your head spin wild. I have many negative comments about our home, but I am infinite positive comments about Singapore, and that makes me a Singaporean. To me, if you bear true faith to your country, you sing its national anthem, you live in its soil, you will and you must be loyal to your country. Its definitely a total embarrassment when you tell foreign friends that you hate your own country and you wish to live in their country. They will laugh at you first, and then laugh at Singapore. They will laugh at us, and ask why Singaporeans have no sense of national identity, and only love to suck it up to the foreigners. They have no confidence of their own country. So far I have not heard of any foreign friends hating their own country. Even when their countries are filled with problems, they still call their country home. Why not us?

So before I end, I would like to give a toast to our nation’s 45 years of independence. To Singapore, a country I call home. And to those Singaporeans who dislike your own country, think twice again. 🙂

The Helix and MBS

While I was in the army sweating it out, Marina Bay Sands and The Helix Bridge opened with much enthusiasm among Singaporeans from all walks of life. I read the news daily in camp, hoping to have a closr look at the newest attraction in town. Thankfully, I was given a chance to see it on Labour Day with my classmates. Though the place was super packed with people coming from Promenade station as well as the casino resort area, we were determined to take photos of our very own casino. Somehow or rather, I am always put off by people’s comments that certain designs of certain buildings are ugly or unsightly. As I am an architecture freak myself, I always appreciate every physical structure that stands before me, and although I am open to criticism, I somehow feel that many of us are just looking at the outside, and not looking at the whole picture. Take for instance, the ArtScience Museum that is still under construction. It looks like a giant lotus or a huge palm facing upwards, something like welcoming everyone to the Marina Bay Sands resort. It will house a huge amphitheatre at the top of the museum, and the museum below it.. A building that no other country in the world has one that resembles it. It is uniquely ours. But somehow some people commented that it is an ugly structure. Well, if I could be as harsh, I could say the Oriental Pearl Tower in Shanghai is totally a useless tower. It is just a show of majesty and pride and the design is totally out of the world and does not integrate seamlessly with the surroundings. Thats poor urban design and planning. But in the end the building has not only acheived high recognition for its building architecture but also hailed as the most prominent building in China with its own character and almost any foreigner is able to distinguish it. Similarly, I am very certain that in the near future MBS which has a weird architectural design together with the museum and the Helix will become the unique icon of Singapore, just like what Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House is to Sydney. Nobody knew that those structures would be as famous as it is today, and same goes for our MBS and Helix. Singaporeans just dont know how to appreciate their own surroundings, and only know how to praise other countries. And what do you expect from a opening ceremony of a bridge? One that surpasses the level of grandeur of Shanghai Expo, or Hong Kong’s Chinese New Year? Come on. Singapore’s new year’s day celebrations only have 8 minutes of fireworks. And mind you these are taxpayers’ money. My RJ friend told me the Boon Lay countdown that he help to organise every year spends more than 2 million bucks on the 5 minutes display, all from our daddy’s pockets.

Even in the US, there is an amazing 1 hour documentary regarding the complex building process of the Marina Bay Sands from Build It Bigger of Science Channel and can be found from youtube.

This is definitely one of the most audacious building on the planet. Yes everyone has the freedom to comment on the building, but I would like you all to think twice before commenting, who would be able to design such a complex and unique structure? Not many. Think of all the plannings and hard work put into it before the whole building structure is finalised. The entire process is definitely not easy. This is what I call an engineering and architectural masterpiece.

Welcome to WordPress

I dont know why but I just decided to change my blog to wordpress because I am rather bored with blogspot. So here I am at wordpress and trying to get used to the website. I will be blogging about my recent Japan trip as well as my life as an army soldier in the coming months. Rather tired now, shall post more stuff tomorrow. 🙂