Chapter 4: Iceland – The land of Fire and Ice

After more than a year of hiatus, I am finally back on wordpress, with a goal of reviving my travel blog once again. That 5 months of exchange in Europe back in 2014 was really a blast for me. In fact it was such as blast that it became a calm after the storm. I did not feel like traveling at all in 2015. For once, I just wanted to enjoy the most satisfying simple pleasures of life home has to offer.

Almost 2 years after a life-changing experience, I am hungry for more excitement in my life once more. As the saying goes, life is a dreary continuum made bearable by those moments of excitement. It is called feeling alive. Continue reading “Chapter 4: Iceland – The land of Fire and Ice”

Chapter 3: Turkish Delights in Istanbul

Istanbul is the gateway to Asia, while at the same time embraces Europe on the other hand. It is a unique city that has been a capital to many different civilisations thousands of years ago, from past to present, and till today, it is home to people from all over the world. It is a city that dates back to 300 thousands years ago, showcasing a myriad of cultures, religions and civilisations combined. Every corner of Istanbul is filled with surprises, and you are bound to find something that has historic value. Continue reading “Chapter 3: Turkish Delights in Istanbul”

Victoria Theatre and Concert Hall Singapore

A brief history of Victoria Theatre and Concert Hall:

In 1855, the foundation stone for Town Hall was laid and its construction was completed in 1862. Between 1902 and 1905, Victoria Memorial Hall was built in honour of the late Queen Victoria when Singapore was part of the British Colony. Continue reading “Victoria Theatre and Concert Hall Singapore”

Chapter 2: Estonian Surprises

During one of the weekends, I traveled to Tallinn, Estonia by ferry. I took Lindaline Express which was about an hour and half journey. The entire journey was a pleasant experience as the Baltic Sea is always calm and the waves are not strong enough to make you seasick. Continue reading “Chapter 2: Estonian Surprises”

Chapter 1: A Student in Helsinki, Finland

I bid goodbye to my loved ones, and henceforth started my journey north towards Finland, a country often associated with northern lights, Santa Claus and extreme cold during winter. I was so elated last semester when I knew I was able to go Aalto University School of Business for my exchange programme , and before I knew it, the time had come for me to fly to Helsinki for my exchange. It was hard to go on separate ways with my loved ones back in Singapore, but I was determined to learn something new during this exchange, and hopefully return a much more matured person with a broader perspective of the world around me. Continue reading “Chapter 1: A Student in Helsinki, Finland”

MacRitchie Reservoir Singapore

The surroundings of MacRitchie Reservoir were once rubber plantations that date back to the early 19th century when the British set foot on Singapore soil and established the rubber trade. There is about 1 sqkm of primary rainforest in Central Catchment Area, which lies in the central part of Singapore. Continue reading “MacRitchie Reservoir Singapore”

Scottish Highlands Road Trip 2013 Part 1

After 5 days in London, we took a train at King’s Cross Station towards Edinburgh, the second most populated city in Scotland. It was a roughly 6 hours ride to Edinburgh, and along the way, we managed to stop at towns like York, Durham and Newcastle. I loved train rides, because unlike plane flights, I get to see the scenery on the ground. Continue reading “Scottish Highlands Road Trip 2013 Part 1”

London, United Kingdom

On June 14 2013, I took a flight to London to meet my friends who are currently studying in the UK. My friends and I planned a trip to Scotland during the first summer holidays and I was very excited, because it was my first road trip. Before that, my friend Aaron promised to bring me around his second home, London and his school, Imperial College London. Continue reading “London, United Kingdom”

Hokkaido, Winter 2012 Part II

Next on our itinerary was Asahiyama Zoo, which is one of the most famous zoo in Japan. Unfortunately, we were unable to see many animals as some of them were not available during the winter. Yes I can totally understand. I cannot imagine a tropical animal like orang utan walking around naked in the icy Hokkaido winter. Even for me, who is used to the bitter cold from Switzerland to South Korea, Hokkaido’s winter is totally in its own league. Continue reading “Hokkaido, Winter 2012 Part II”

Hokkaido, Winter 2012 Part I

After a semester of studies in my first year of college, holidays finally arrived, and I was able to spend my well-deserved break in Hokkaido, a winter wonderland. In the eyes of a Singaporean, Hokkaido is like a heavenly place full of mysteries and wonder. Firstly, we dont see snow in Singapore. Secondly, there is no nature surrounding us like what Hokkaido offers. Continue reading “Hokkaido, Winter 2012 Part I”