MacRitchie Reservoir Singapore

The surroundings of MacRitchie Reservoir were once rubber plantations that date back to the early 19th century when the British set foot on Singapore soil and established the rubber trade. There is about 1 sqkm of primary rainforest in Central Catchment Area, which lies in the central part of Singapore. Amazingly, Singapore is only one of the 2 cities in the world left today, apart from Rio De Janerio, with a primary rainforest in the middle of the city. There are many trails surrounding the reservoir, boardwalks, and even a tree-top walk that has a highest point of about 25m, stretching about 250m long above the primary rainforest.

MacRitchie Reservoir is today a public space for Singaporeans to enjoy, and for tourists to see the different side of Singapore. It is a place where Singaporeans can relax and enjoy during the weekends, a brief respite from the hustle and bustle of the city we all love to hate, and to enjoy the sunshine, amidst the cool crisp air of the rainforest. The surroundings of the reservoir also serves as a natural habit for thousands of species and animals. It is also a learning ground for school children and adults alike, and it serves as a amazing platform for us to know more about our environment, and the importance of conserving the rainforests not just in Singapore, but all other rainforests around the equator all over the world. As the other countries continue with the deforestation and destruction of natural habitats, it is time for us to make a statement, and to tell them the importance of saving the forests. Even if it is just a small Central Catchment Area, I am proud that at least Singapore makes an effort to save and protect our remaining primary rainforests.

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