Scottish Highlands Road Trip 2013 Part 1

After 5 days in London, we took a train at King’s Cross Station towards Edinburgh, the second most populated city in Scotland. It was a roughly 6 hours ride to Edinburgh, and along the way, we managed to stop at towns like York, Durham and Newcastle. I loved train rides, because unlike plane flights, I get to see the scenery on the ground. Sometimes, I managed to catch glimpses of farms and cattle with the rolling plains in the background. Occasionally, entire fields of flowers can be seen, which were brimming with colours and smell. (Well, I could not smell them since I was in the train.)

After reaching Edinburgh, we proceeded to our first stop, Edinburgh Castle. Edinburgh Castle is a historic fortress which was built on volcanic rock.

Scottish National War Memorial, Edinburgh Castle
Royal Palace in Crown Square


Edinburgh Castle. Overlooking the entire town of Edinburgh.

After that, we started exploring the entire town on foot. Edinburgh is basically a touristy place, with many shops selling scottish souvenirs and products. I feel like I am in another country, and technically I think I am, even though Scotland is part of United Kingdom. Scotland has a unique culture of its own, and one of the most famous example of its culture, is the playing of bagpipes, and of course, men in dresses. Occasionally, we would hear the sounds of the bagpipes echoing through the walls of the town, as tourists try to find good spots to take photos with the player, who was most likely in his traditional Scottish costume. Edinburgh looks very old and historical, and I felt like I was teleported back in time as I walked along the beautiful and photogenic streets. Edinburgh was still bright even as late as 9pm, and we were still able to explore the town even though it was almost close to midnight. It was summer time, and summer days are very long in Scotland. The weather was perfect too, hovering around 15C in the day and 10C at night. We stayed at Castle Rock Hostel, which was cheap and clean. The service was excellent too, and the staff were very friendly. I met a new friend there, who hailed from Australia, and both of us even played the guitar together. It was a memorable experience for me, because it was my first time playing guitar with someone from a another country in a faraway land.




The next day, we rented a car Ford Focus, and then we set off towards our first destination, Stirling Castle. Stay tuned for Part 2 of our trip, where we headed north of Edinburgh and traveled to the rest of Scotland.

3 thoughts on “Scottish Highlands Road Trip 2013 Part 1

  1. My husband and I did a week long road trip around Scotland last summer and we loved it. There is so much to see and so much variety. Our favorite part was John O’Groats, where we stayed in a B&B run by the nicest family. We also loved Dunrobin Castle. It was like something from a fairytale!

    1. Hi Karen. Yes it was wonderful and the Scottish people are really very hospitable. I really hope I can return soon. Stay tuned for part 2 of my trip and thanks for reading!

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