Christmas in the Tropics

Its Christmas time again and without fail, Orchard Road is decked in festive colours to usher in the Christmas.   Just like in most parts of Asia, and increasingly more in the West, the traces of religious context have been overshadowed by consumerism. However, one cannot deny the joy and festive spirit these lights bring to the city when the lights are switched on in late November, beckoning shoppers to shop to their hearts’ content. Indeed, this year’s decorations are no less extravagant than last’s.  When you step out of Orchard MRT station, you will be greeted by a golden burst of lights fronting the facade of Ion Orchard’s pillars, and a majestic ‘clad in golden lights’ christmas trees greet your eyes.

As you walk down the street, you will notice the entire road decked in white and blue, with flowers in the tropics theme. Paragon is also very beautiful with a huge tree outside its entrance. Sadly, H&M which just opened its doors to much fanfare last month does not have any christmas decorations. Maybe its still new, and I guess we have to wait till next year before we get to see something different.

I was really impressed with Orchard Central’s decorations this year. It looks simple, yet it has that fairytale theme to it, and it really blends well with the entrance of the shopping centre.

I am trying to immerse myself as much as possible into the christmas spirit here as much as possible because I will not be spending most of my christmas weeks in Singapore. The 2nd half of December will be spent in Europe, which I believe will have a much more authentic christmas spirit in the air. However, I was looking at weather forecast for those countries I will be visiting and it seems like this year’s winter is going to be a mild one. Not that I am hoping for extreme winter but I would definitely hope for some snowfall at least, since I have since snow but not a snowfall before, and I was really hoping that I can catch one in Europe or Korea this winter. I am betting my chances on Switzerland, which is much colder, and the weather forecast next week to be snowing at the places where I will be going in Switzerland. But on the day I arrive in Rome, temperatures in Interlaken is predicted to be about 8C, so the snow would have melt by then. URGH. Maybe I will wait till my korea trip to see my first snowfall then.

Well I am ready for my Europe trip, and I am just praying there will be some snowfall when I am there. Christmas 2011 is going to be a very eventful and memorable one for me because I will be getting my best christmas present ever, and that is my PINK IC. Yes, I am finally leaving the army, and become a citizen once again. When I get my pink IC this Friday, I will finally be able to rid myself of the troubles and worries from camp, and become a normal citizen, while looking forward to my tertiary education next year. Its the best christmas present and new year present for me, with a new chapter of my life awaiting me. Of course, the next important date of my life would be my birthday next year, when I turn 21. Great series of events for me. I really can’t wait.

2 thoughts on “Christmas in the Tropics

  1. no matter what anyone says about consumerism – I still just love the Christmas decorations – the trees lit up and the festive move! We had a serious tone down of Christmas presents this year and it was great! Spent more time out, looking at the lights, enjoying mulled wine and rosy cheeks from walking around outside! Love the holiday season. Great photos – you captured the lights so well.

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