National Museum Of Singapore

With a rich history dating back to its inception in 1887, the National Museum of Singapore is Singapore’s oldest museum with a progressive mind. Designed to be the people’s museum, the National Museum is a custodian of the 11 National Treasures, and its Singapore History and Living Galleries adopt cutting-edge and varied ways of presenting history and culture to redefine conventional museum experience.

A cultural and architectural icon in Singapore, the Museum hosts vibrant festivals and events all year round – the dynamic Night Festival, visually arresting art installations, as well as amazing performances and film screenings – in addition to presenting lauded exhibitions and precious artefacts. The programming is supported by a wide range of facilities and services including F&B, retail and a Resource Centre. The National Museum of Singapore re-opened in December 2006 after a three-year redevelopment.

There is a permanent exhibition which is the Singapore’s History Museum. Since I am an NSF, its free entry. So I recommend NSFs to go to museums before you ORD since its free. What is better than taking advantage of having an 11B? 🙂 The exhibition of Singapore’s history is visually appealing, and I was able to listen to Singapore’s history in ‘Companion’, a portable multimedia handheld listening device which will explain to you the different exhibits as you move around. I felt so high-tech when using the device, although it is kind of big. 










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