Raindrops Cafe

I went to Raindrops Cafe with my friends during one of the weekends, and after trying out the food, I decided to make a simple post and review of this cafe, which is situated at a rather secluded but cute corner of Scape* at Orchard.

Calamari Fries. Its good. 🙂

It is a rather special restaurant, and I can assure you the quality of food for this restaurant is good. Out of ten, I give the food 7.5. Service wise, its a little bit lacking because one of the waitresses dropped my knife on my shirt when she was serving food to my friends. The restaurant door did not work properly and my friend was stuck outside for some time before they let him in through the kitchen door. O.o Other than that, the menu has a good range of western food like pasta, pizza and even wine.

Mushroom spaghetti? Forgot the name. But its nice and spicy.

I tried the fish and chips, which was good enough. I have eaten lots of fish and chips, and while I still believe Secret Recipe has the best fish and chips around, this plate of FAC fared quite well too, some fish will make you lose appetite because it is cooked too oily or the fish is not fresh enough, but this fish was different, and I loved it.

Overall I rate it 7 out of 10 and would recommend you to try it out. 🙂 Especially if you are a pasta lover like me.

Fish and Chips
Mushroom Cabonara topped with Penne.

2 thoughts on “Raindrops Cafe


    Correction to your post, I think we all agree now that the best Fish and Chips is in the UK…. 😉

    Invite PPC too k; haven’t met up with him in years interested to know how he’s doing (and everyone else too).

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