Patriotism at Its Best

I managed to get tickets to Combined rehearsal 3 of this year’s National Day Parade which actually falls on August 9 thanks to my friend. It was a rather last minute thing and I didnt expect to watch this year’s parade. I did bid for tickets on preview day but I got none in the end. I just hope that by the time Singapore’s new Sports Hub is built I will be able to experience something new at a brand new stadium. Back to the parade, I was quite happy to be back at the Floating Platform, waving the Singapore flag and singing to the familiar tunes of National Day songs which never fail to fill the halls in our schools during our school days. I remember the times when I was young, I would be one of those small mischievous kids singing the loudest to catch the attention of my teachers, who would come to me and tell me to sing properly and stop shouting. Then I would feel proud that I have achieved something by catching my teachers’ attention. When I grew older, I realised the meaning of wearing red, watching parades, singing the national anthem, and waving our flags. It was not just a show of love for Singapore, but an affirmation of your willingness to be part of this nation and to grow along with it progressively. And as I reached the age of National Service, the feeling changed, because now I wear red as a show of willingness to sacrifice for the country and to protect every Singaporean that resides on this sacred land of ours. And every time, on the 9th August, when the anthem is played and the flag is raised, there is this indescribable feeling overwhelming me, and I would just sing along with much more pride than usual. Call me over-patriotic, but thats me. I treasure the land that I call home. If you are living on a land you hate, thats really pathetic.

The parade at Floating platform is definitely much different from school celebrations, with show segments of the prowess of Singapore Armed Forces, complete with marching troops showing the regimentation and discipline of the soldiers and the acute execution of flying the fighter jets and parachuting Red Lions. Then the night will be filled with lights and sounds as participants of the parade would come dressed in elaborate and beautiful costumes to showcase Singapore’s multi-ethnic cultures. Being special as a melting pot of cultures, the show segments will celebrate the rise of the nation from its humble beginnings to the economic powerhouse we are today. The parade ends with the huge display of fireworks and pyrotechnics that never fail to wow the already energised audience. This year’s parade look especially wonderful because of the new buildings in the background that form the new Singapore skyline, Marina Bay Sands, Marina Bay Finanical Centre, Ocean Financial Centre and so on. I did not manage to catch the last part of the show, because I had to rush to MBS theatre to watch Lion King Musical with my friends, but I knew the night was an unforgettable one for those present. ( The view of the platform from Helix Bridge at night was awesome because you get to see a myriad of shining lights  in the audience. Totally breathtaking. What a red and white day!

Here are some pictures taken from the platform, the biggest floating platform in the world!



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