Universal Studios After Hours

I had a great time with a few of my friends at Universal Studios Singapore last weekend. We did not buy the day pass but bought the After Hours tickets which cost only $5 each.  It was rather worth it because we got to catch fireworks and visit a theme park which you would not be able to go in usually unless you pay at least $67 for a daytime pass. Anyway, it was really crowded that day, and with the intense heat from he merciless sun, it was quite unbearable. The number of foreign visitors at Resorts World was also overwhelming. In a way this is a good sign for Singapore, as it shows that the tourism industry in Singapore is finally booming. However, it the huge influx of tourists will also increase the transport burden, as well as crowd the already busy streets of Singapore. Not that I am compaining though. This will bring in more money for the economy, but how much of these are exactly going into Singaporeans’ pockets? My tolerance level for accomodating foreigners is getting lower day by day, especially in Jurong where most of the living quarters of the foreign labourers are situated. Yes I know we should thank them for building Singapore’s infrastructure, but arent there too many of them? Foreign talent. I see many foreign expats in my condo. I bet at least 1/4 of the people living here are foreigners. I have 8 neighbours on my floor. One family came from Russia, another from Japan, and another from the US. The family living above me came from South Korea, and on the first floor, out of 5 families I know, one came from China, another from Northern India, and one is a rental apartment shared by a group of western students studying here. WOW. I really cant tell where I am living now, seriously. I am devastated.

Opps I am digressing too much. Back to USS. The fireworks was amazing, the crowd was amazing( we were sitting down waiting for the show to start, when the fireworks started, everyone in front of us started standing up, and I could not catch a good view of the fireworks). A tree blocked our view too. Unlucky day. It was a great gathering with my friends though, some had just completed their year 1 exams in university and are having their summer break now. Here are some pictures I took!

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