Life’s many Challenges

When people ask you what kind of challenges you have faced in your entire life, you say every kind. These challenges may become setbacks for you emotionally, mentally or physically. They may, however, become lessons learnt that will strengthen you as an individual, to overcome future obstacles that you may subsequently face.

This 1 over year of my life as a National Serviceman has been full of ups and downs. Most of my life’s challenges have been concentrated over these two years. How I handled these struggles on a daily basis determined my physical, as well as my mental well-being. It takes only a single event to convince myself I have no control over my circumstances. These problems attack me from every side, threatening to crush and destroy me from within.

Many times, after facing such challenges, I become quiet for a few days, trying to calm down and figure out what really happened and why such things do happen. It is a process every challenger will face. I will sit down and talk to myself, thinking about what went wrong and how to settle the problem faced. Why me? Is there any hope or a future? How can I forgive him or her? It is this stage where I believe that I am learning to grow up and become stronger. All life’s challenges have a direct relationship in defining our purpose in life where I would find assurance that there was a plan or reason for the difficulties I face.

The challenges in life make me see how well I can handle my problems, at my best or worst. And thats where I learn from it, and improve so that the next time such incidents occur again, I will be filled with more confidence. My challenges in life may not be as bad as those who contemplates about committing suicide, or resulting in mental instability, but I know when I face it because during this process I feel that I have become enlightened about certain things in life which I may not understand before. I will realise that through these struggles, I learn to find love, forgiveness, acceptance, security, and confidence.

It is also through such challenges that you realise there are so many supporters out there, giving you encouragement and having faith in you. These support and encouragement trumps anything that stands in your way. It gives you strength and will to stand up and face your life’s challenges, no matter how hard it may be. And thats…well, no matter how cliche it may sound, life.



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