Celebrations Galore!

The Chinese New year week has been amazing! I got to visit the River Hongbao @ Marina Bay, bask in the festive spirit at Chinatown, watch the breathtaking Chingay Parade and CNY fireworks. I got my friends over to my house on two days, one on the fourth day of New Year and the other one was a barbeque party at my pool downstairs on the 12th. I got enough red packets to survive for a month. ( I am getting salary from the army now, so the amount of money I received from my relatives and friends isnt as important as it should have been when I was a little boy).  I realised that the novelty of receiving red packets is slowly going off as I grow older. It also dawned upon me that the anticipation of the arrival of CNY is not as strong as before. Am I getting tired of new year? Not really, I dont think so. I guess its just that I am now more matured and wont get so excited so easily over such occasions. I am turning 20 this year, and its kind of daunting when there is now a 2 in front of my age. O.O

Chingay parade.

It was my first time watching a chingay parade in Singapore. I know its embarrassing that I am a Singaporean but all these years I did not even participate in one. Do not blame me. I still can remember very clearly Chinese New Year usually falls on the week or before the week of common tests. I usually cannot go out often during the CNY week. Since I am in the army, I decided to take the chance to discover Singapore as much as I can before entering university, which will be a busy 3-4 years of studying again. 😦 I miss studying, but I can tell you, I do not mind the life I have now, because I get to enjoy myself during my off days.  Talking about the parade, I managed to hear firecrackers for the first time in my life! It was also my first time watching fireworks from ground level! ( I usually watch fireworks from building balconies). At River Hongbao (春到河畔), we managed to take a few shots with the beautiful red lanterns, drums, phoenix, Fortune God

River Hongbao@ Marina Bay

Statue, amidst the amazing skyline behind as the backdrop. My friends and I also went to the mini theme park beside the floating platform where we sat on the “Merry-Go-round” which looked innocent initially but when it started spinning real fast and you start hearing screams from the group of people above you, spinning with such great centripedal force, I stopped “looking down” on the attraction and went to sit on it with Silu and LinYi. It was really fun! Although Louis said he could hear me shout the loudest among all, I knew I did not shout because I was scared. Come on, a guy who experienced all the impossible things in army, why would he be afraid of centripedal force? I just wanted to scream all my troubles away, and let go of all things going on in my mind at that moment. The feeling was really great in the end. I felt like I was being reborn. Okay I am exaggerating a little, but hey it was really a blast. If you still cant get an idea what the “merry-go-round” was like, let me show you a picture of it. 🙂


About a week ago, Shuyang, Silu, Aaron, Louis and I decided to go to Chinatown to bask in the spirit of chinese new year. Chinatown at this time of the year is very notorious for having huge crowds and slow moving traffic. Human traffic literally comes to a standstill at street junctions, and you hear stallholders shouting above us to buy their goods. Its just so chaotic and you really wish you can go somewhere to rest and take a breath, yet you still want to experience this amazing new year chaos. We did not buy anything in the end. It was almost impossible to buy things. And they were mostly selling goodies or other new year items which either we have them at home or our parents were going to buy them anyway. I just took out my DSLR and clicked away non-stop. 🙂

Eu Tong Sen Street

I will blog more about my chinese new year activities soon. Need to read up on applications to NTU and NUS. The application period is coming soon when the Alevel students get their results this early March. Cant wait to hear how RV does for their first Alevel batch last year. All the best. And of course to my HwaChong juniors, good luck to you guys too!



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