We Meet Again @ Orchard

I made it a point to meet my bestest friends in primary school, Chen Yan and Yu Lei even though I wasnt feeling well. I have known Chen Yan for 13 years, since Pri 1, and I have known Yu Lei for 12 years since primary 2. I do not really get a lot of chances to meet Chen Yan as she is working and studying in Sydney right now, and most unfortunately, Yu Lei is also going to Sydney to further her studies. So yesterday’s meeting as a farewell gathering for Yu Lei as well as a meet up for the two girls to talk about the life in Sydney. I only went to Sydney once for holiday and I definitely do not have enough experience to tell Yu Lei whats ineteresting there. We talked about the weather, the scenery, and the shopping there. Sydney might not come across as an exciting city, but it is undeniably one of the most livable cities on earth. We chatted while taking a stroll down Orchard road, and I went to Kinokuniya to buy the book Lee Kuan Yew-Hard truths to Keep Singapore Going ( We will talk more about that later). I have read a few pages and watched a section of the DVD, and I must say it is a good read for those keen on Singapore’s politics and LKY’s leadership styles. Books aside, we went to *Scape’s Raindrops Cafe for dinner. The ambience is really good, and it is tucked away neatly at a corner of the youth’s shopping mall. There is some retro feel to the cafe as you step inside, and the 1960’s music playing in the background was a suitable complement with the design of the cafe. The food was quite good, and I did not regret choosing this cafe for a dinner with my old friends. Although I have not seen Chen Yan for the past year, we really cliqued well within a matter of minutes and starting chatting about our past, present, and future. At the same time I blabbered about my army life.ㅋㅋㅋㅋ . After dinner we went to our favourite hang-out, the rooftop of Orchard Central! We went there last year, and the year before, whenever Chen Yan returns from Sydney. There was no exception this year. The only difference was that we could see ourselves aging year after year. :((

The next time I am meeting them will be the end of this year. But time flies. By then I would have ORDed, and my life would have returned to normal. Yippees. Cant wait.

P.S To Chen Yan and Yu Lei, bon voyage! Have a save trip to Aussie, and take lotsa photos there. Dont get too stressed over studies!! We Asians always trump the whites in exams!! HAHA. So relax and have fun in school!


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