Hong Kong Day 4 and 5

It was a warm morning. I could have taken off my jacket. But I continued wearing it since everyone on the street was wearing a winter coat. The temperatures outside was at least 21C. In the morning!! So warm for a winter. Maybe I got used to going to cold countries during winter time, such that when Hong Kong is not cold, it felt weird. I remembered the year I went to Melbourne in summer, the temperature was about 6C. SUMMER! And all I brought to Melbourne was just a jacket! Brrrr…Last year’s trip to Japan was also ‘lucky’ because we met with a cold spell which swept across the Sea of Japan. So the weather was colder than usual. The trip to South Korea 5 years ago was also ‘fortunate’ for me because we met with another cold spell. And this was exceptionally cold. The coldest temperature I had ever experienced was indeed in Seoul when temperatures fell to about -11C. I could really feel the cold biting my hands and face, and the feeling is just the same as when you use your hands to touch the freezer walls continuously for about 5 seconds.

Weather aside, it was a free and easy day for us finally. It felt great to be free to walk and travel around this amazing city. After our sumptuous meal of porridge and fried youtiao and HK style beehoon, we left on a hotel bus to Tsim Sha Tsui. From there, we navigated our way to MTR station and boarded a train to Mongkok. We walked a long Fa Yuen street and Ladies Market. I bet I will be scolded if I post this. Yes, I bought a Monopoly Deal Pack for s$4. At Ladies Market. HAHAHA. We also walked along Soy Street and went to Langham Place where I bought a shoe from Acupuncture. Good bargain though. My two friends also wanted to buy a shoe each, so we tried bargaining for a good price with 3 shoes combined. We were not disappointed. 🙂 After lunch, we took an MTR to Tsim Sha Shui again and walked towards Harbour City Shopping centre to ‘invade’ the shopping centre again. And again, THEY love to cut queue. These tourists from mainland. Cutting queue is part of their culture. Worst, after they cut queue, you give them that look, they give it back to you. And they start talking so loudly I could become deaf any moment. Then they spit on the floor. Then they use their hands and push you away and continue going up to the front of the queue. Queuing for what? Bus. OMG. I am so glad they learn not to do that in Singapore, maybe they do, but they dont dare do the extreme. They make my India trip in 2007 so wonderful. After all these incidents, I realise my trip to India wasnt that bad after all. 🙂

Back to Hong Kong. At night, we walked to Kowloon Public Pier to watch Symphony of Lights. Although it was a short 20 minutes of lights and sound show, it showcased the entire city by lighting up 44 buildings, with lights dancing to the music. A perfect place to live if you love lights and the city. After the show, we walked along Salisbury Road, and found a public square in the middle of a few colonial style buildings. The square was decorated with beautiful christmas trees and lights. And for the first time, I felt that certain parts of Hong Kong have better christmas decorations than Singapore. They may not have the long stretch of roads decorated with christmas lights, but sometimes when you turn around a corner, you will see some beautifully decorated buildings or public squares decked in wonderful decorations. A splendid sight indeed! After a day of route marches and shopping marches, we took a taxi back to our hotel near Mongkok, with our hands full of shopping bags. 🙂

Day 5. It was the last day of our trip to Southern China. We visited places like Golden Bauhina Square, Repulse Bay and Aberdeen Fishing Village. These are some of the tourist attractions in Hong Kong. For people who go to Hong Kong for shopping, these attractions may not be the place for you. I regret not visiting Ocean Park as the last time I went was in 2002, which was ages ago. Before long, we were making our way to the airport. We had a dim sum lunch at one of the airport’s restaurants. I did not really eat much, because at that point of time, I started thinking about going back to camp, to reality again. Thinking about it made me feel so shitty. Anyway, the last 3 days of my trip was the most memorable. I really hope to visit Macau and Hong Kong again. Next time I will spend more time on Hong Kong Island, and I will definitely get a hotel with a much more amazing view of the Hong Kong harbour. I really really love Hong Kong’s buildings. From what I know, Singapore supposedly led Asia in terms of buildings and architecture in the 1980s. Our OUB building (280m) was actually the tallest building in Asia for some period of time. It was only in the 1990s that Hong Kong started building supertalls and amazing structures, and edge out to produce the most beautiful skyline in Asia, and probably the world. Another plus point is the mountains behind the HK skyline which makes Hong Kong look even more stunning. I will definitely visit HK again, but this time I will go when its cold enough. ;P

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