Macau Day 3

12 Dec 2010. After breakfast, we started exploring Macau. First stop was Leal Senado Square. It has portugese style buildings and the street is alive with lots of shops selling portugese egg tarts, and people busking on the streets. It was drizzling, and I loved the cool weather. There was also christmas spirit in the air as there were many christmas decorations on the streets. We tried the egg tarts from this particular shop, and I can say it is definitely more delicious than the ones we have in Singapore. After that, we took a walk down Macau’s streets, savouring the sights and sounds of this small but amazing city. There were many interesting sights every turn we made. For example, some Portugese people wearing their traditional costumes parading down the street performing. Then we visited St Paul’s Church, which is now jus the remains of the numerous fires that gutted down the other parts of the building, leaving only the front part of the church behind. The Chinese believed it was because the church was built too close to a chinese temple beside it, and thus there was too much ‘fire’ element. The church looked majestic though, but I couldnt enjoy the scenery as much because of the continuous flow of thousands of Chinese tourists around the area which made me feel sick. TOO MANY PEOPLE!

Next we drove past the Kum Lam Statue and the Macau Tower, both iconic structures of Macau. There are 3 bridges linking the 3 islands of Macau, and I went past all of them. Next we went to The City Of Dreams, another integrated resort, where we were awed by The Bubble show, which was a spectacular multi-media attraction. Then we crossed over to the  Venetian Casion Resort, which has an amazing shopping center called the Grand Canal Shoppes. The shopping center is designed to look like the canals of Venice, and the buildings are all built in Venetian style. The place looked amazing, and from where we looked, the ceiling looked just like the sky, and it felt as if we were out in the open! As usual, my mum, sis and aunt went on a shopping spree while the boys stood around enjoying the scenery. Occasionally, there would be a Venetian boat rowing past us, and the rower could be heard singing some Italian songs. Amazing atmosphere! And that was the end of our Macau trip.

In the evening, we headed for the customs at the Macau Ferry Terminal to bring us to Hong Kong. Again, I met with some rude tourists who cut queue just to let their whole family in to be the first to board the ferry. Somehow I thought they are kind of stupid because since we ordered the tickets in advance, whether you are first or not, you still get to board the ferry, since the ferry leaves at the same and exact time! They are in fact more ‘kiasu’ than Singaporeans, or maybe they just dont know what it means by being civilised. They pushed and shoved, and nearly knocked down my sister. I just couldnt stand it any longer. I really want to go to a more civilised place for holiday next time and not keep getting angry because of these people with uncivilised behaviour.

Anyway, cut short the ranting, we reached Hong Kong after aout an hour and a half, having crossed the rough and choppy seas. The winds were strong, and the waves continuously crashed against our ferry. It was indeed a bumpy ride, like a roller coaster. It reminds me of the ferry to Tekong, only longer and much scarier. The weather outside wasnt inviting. The skies were dark, and the rain lashed like the Day after Tomorrow. But we still survived and reached Hong Kong in a piece. Phew….After clearing the customs, we took our tour bus and headed for Kowloon, where our hotel was. The hotel name was…damn I kinda forgot the name. Hehe. Thats the end of our Day 3. Stay tuned for Day 4!

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