Singapore’s Chinatown is very different from the Chinatowns in other countries. In other cities, Chinese immigrants would settle at a specific area which will eventually become Chinatown. It was the same case for Singapore in the early 19th century, when Chinese immigrants from Southern China landed in Singapore, and settled in what we call as Chinatown, or 牛车水,or” bull-cart-water” in direct translation. However, one might question the purpose of having a Chinatown in Singapore when 73% of the country’s population is Chinese. It seems almost certain that Chinatown in Singapore has lost its charm and lust since it has lost its meaning and purpose. It became touristy and fake when the government started the conservation projects at Chinatown and it lost its old-world charm. However, over the past few years, Chinatown became much livelier again with more new immigrants coming from different parts of China and settling down in Chinatown. It is now alive with many new shops and these Chinese people from China are setting up businesses that make Chinatown in Singapore live up to its name. Here are some photos I took with Aaron and Louis the same day we went on a tour at Duxton Hill.

2 thoughts on “Chinatown

  1. Hey, great new theme! (:

    Yay, can’t wait for our trip to iLight Marina Bay this weekend. They got photography competition too! Can try our luck, haha.

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