Duxton Hill

I had an amazing photography trip with Louis and Aaron yesterday, a trip which I had always been hoping for since photography caught my attention, maybe 3 years ago? I played with my new camera, Canon EOS 500D, and Aaron and Louis also managed to try taking pictures using this powerful camera. Although it may not be the latest model, I still believe it is a professional camera for the beginners. Confusing? Nope. Wait till you see the pictures. They are stunning.

Firstly, Aaron and I met up and proceeded to Duxton Hill, a conserved district tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the city centre at Shenton Way. The district may not be as old as the ancient districts you see in China, but it has distinctive buildings of great architectural quality of the past, and showcases part of Singapore’s forgotten history. The conservation process has managed to preserve part of Duxton Hill’s old charm, and while the buildings have managed to retain their grandeur and beauty, many modern boutiques, cafes, bars, restaurants( especially Korean ones, I wonder why), and bridal shops have sprung up along the streets, injecting colour and vibe to the otherwise quiet district.

Rows of charming shophouses at Duxton Hill.

Boutiques and bars.

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