I went to Comex with Louis and Huyuan today and OMG it was so freaking crowded. This is the first time I went to an IT Fair, and seriously I was stunned myself that I wasnt able to withstand the crowd. After about an hour of roaming around buying gadgets and getting brochures, ( Louis and Huyuan bought external hard drives and we each also bought AC adaptor for apple products so that we can charge them in camp.) Then we proceeded to 4th floor to look at cameras or more specifically DSLRs. I was really feeling giddy by then. The crowd was unbelievable. I just dont understand why so many people still had the mood to buy stuff. So many of them were seen carrying bags and trolleys of goods moving out of Suntec Convention. The economy is doing really good I guess. After looking aimlessly for cameras, ( it was really no use buying it today as there were no room for me to ask the salesperson about the cameras and everyone was blocking the view). So we proceeded to second floor where Epicentre was located. In the end Louis and I bought an ipod touch 32GB each. Seems like the cash registers are clinging like mad.
After today’s experience, I feel that there is no point going to any IT fair just to get gadgets that are roughly the same price just with a little more free gifts ( that are really failed products). The iMacs I saw there are the same as retail price, and the only good part of it is that with addition of $79, you get a free All in one Photo printer, keyboard protector, LCD cleaning kit, magic mouse case, membership, training voucher, and trolley. TROLLEY?! Come on.
They should have given me free screen protector and casing for my itouch, instead of min speaker ( which is not working at all when I played with my iphone), and a FAILED dog bone cable organiser, and a USB adaptor, which I already have. Damn. I just bought the ipod touch because there is a discount from $468 to the current $398. So I bought.
Basically I didnt like today’s trip to COMEX. I would rather spend more time going to quieter places like Funan Digital Mall to check out for better bargains. 🙂 Now I am aiming for either Canon EOS 500D or Nikon D5000, and iMac 21.5′. Hmmmmph. Budget bursting ALERT! ~~~

4 thoughts on “COMEX

  1. Wah you so rich ah.. Plan to buy so many.. But faster get a 500D and let me play (:

    Products from Apple and Vaio, to name a few, have fixed prices throughout the entire market, so we can only look out for freebies. Nevertheless, you are right that there isn’t much to IT fair, I got my camera cheaper at Sim Lim than at IT Fair. But it’s always good to experience the crowd, haha.

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