I spent the last weekend with my friends at Marina Bay watching the NDP preview, not at the parade, but along the waterfront. I saw a glimpse of the mobile column, and the grand fireworks at night. It was amazing, despite the fact that it was just a preview. Louis, Tiantian, Aaron, Clement and me watched the fireworks from Marina Square’s kopitiam. It was quite a good spot to watch the fireworks, as well as the fly-past of helicopters and fighter planes. Cut the crap on the names of the planes. I dont know, and I dont bother knowing, for goodness sake. LOL. Yesterday, I had a korean meal with my family and my little cousin Cheryl at a Korean restaurant at Amara Hotel. I had chaoniangao, kimchi, barbecued pork, chicken, lamb and beef, chajangmeon, ginseng chicken soup, and other side dishes. Overall I would rate the food 8.5/10. It was really good with authentic korean taste, and even the chopsticks and spoon are purely korean, different from the utensils used at Crystal Jade, which uses chinese utensils. Then we went to Cheryl’s house at Regency Suites, which has an amazing view of the city. And I caught a glimpse of the fireworks again. Wooo. I was really tired after the 10km route march on Friday, and I am having a bad neck pain after a gym session on Thurs night doing bench press. LOL dont ask me how I managed to sprain my neck. Anyway, I was trying hard to make Cheryl happy and playing with her, as well as drinking wine with my uncle auntie and my dad at the balcony while enjoying the scenery outside. I was dead tired, but I tried to stay awake. Alas, I couldnt take it anymore after countless rounds of running around the house with Cheryl and playing with her, piano, roleplay ( hmph she was wearing princess fairy clothes and I was acting as the bad guy. :/), dancing, and playing computer games with her…gosh I just slumped onto the sofa and fell asleep…. And today Louis, Kaihui, Woonyang, William, Clement and his boyfriend, o.O and I went to Esplanade to watch a free concert by Keat Hong Orchestra which played several National day pieces and some old chinese and malay songs. The pieces were good, but the orchestra wasnt. They were off-pitch, the singer looked gorgeous on the outside, but her singing was quite horrendous. But overall, I enjoyed watching them, as I listened to the pieces and started swelling with pride that I am a Singaporean. Yup and tomorrow it will be my country’s 45th birthday, and my wish for my country is to wipe out citizens born overseas as well as PRs who hate Singapore and only love their homeland and only know how to talk all things bad about our country and continuously compare Singapore with their homeland. Haha ok I am not serious about this. Take this as a joke. I cant wait to get my new iMac, because my Toshiba laptop is dying soon. And I love the Apple’s iMac and Macbook Pro design so much that I dont mind paying more to lay my hands on these. Apple’s products are too overpriced, but for the sleek design, I have nothing to say, unless another company overtakes them in the design one day, like Orange, or Pear? Set up by Mr Steve, erm no, Mr Jonathan Tay?? :)))

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