Look at this new video by Mr Brown on the recent Orchard Road flooding. Just for laughs! =D

I have got a new dream. A car! Yes and I am taking driving lessons very soon, after my MP course which ends in late September. My parents promised that they would get a car for me next year after I passed my test! And they gave me the freedom to choose the model of car I want. Of course benz lexus and other bla bla high-end cars are out of range. And I decided to have a Mazda car! The journalist reviews have been great about the new Mazda3 2010 unveiled not too long ago. It has stylish design, insightful functionality and spirited driving dynamics. It also has amazing interiors for a compact car. It costs $76 988, and I am still waiting for the price to drop. Hopefully by next year COE will be lower.

I have another dream. I dream that I can stop being thin. Even after going to the army, I am still the same old self, thin…Even after the intense physical training, I am still the same olf self. Hmm…how to improve my size? I wonder. Anyone got any suggestions?

I am feeling really bored today. No class outings, just in my room doing nothing, and staring at my com since morning. My good friends are going overseas this weekend, and some get confined in camp, like ‘prisoners’. Poor Huyuan. Save the Winnie the Pooh!!!

And lastly, congratulations to those who got awards at Hwa Chong today for outstanding achievements in school last year.=D

Will blog more stuff tonight or tomorrow if possible. 🙂

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