National Day is approaching

Before we call ourselves Singaporeans, let us spend a few minutes thinking about what makes us Singaporeans, and why we must love the country we call home.

5 minutes up. What have you discovered so far during these 5 minutes? Nothing? Then you should be ashamed of holding a red passport in your hands. Something? Then you should spend another 10 minutes thinking why you cant think of more. Everything? High five brother or sister because you have just received the greatest honour of being a Singaporean.

What makes us Singaporean? Our childish complaints? Our love for food? Our harmonious society? Our love for shopping? Our wealth? Our lack of patriotism? After reading several comments from youtube about NS, I cannot help but wonder why so many Singaporeans hate their own country when so many foreigners are dying to call Singapore their home. They see so much opportunities here, and are willing to work and contribute to Singapore’s growth and success. Yet Singaporeans themselves are unwilling to contribute any and only know the negative side of this country. Maybe Singaporeans are more well-traveled nowadays and like to compare ourselves with other major cities. Somehow they prefer the life there and when they return to Singapore, they are disappointed with the way things work here. And they start to lose faith in Singapore. True to certain extent. Same goes for me. Till today, I still complain why Singapore’s Orchard Road cannot be as bustling as that of Shinjuku District in Tokyo or Times Square in New York. I still dont understand why there is no supertall in Singapore and all our buildings are only between 200-250m. I wonder when Singapore’s streets will be as vibrant as streets in Hong Kong and Tokyo where there are huge and colourful advertisement boards, LED screens everywhere which will make your head spin wild. I have many negative comments about our home, but I am infinite positive comments about Singapore, and that makes me a Singaporean. To me, if you bear true faith to your country, you sing its national anthem, you live in its soil, you will and you must be loyal to your country. Its definitely a total embarrassment when you tell foreign friends that you hate your own country and you wish to live in their country. They will laugh at you first, and then laugh at Singapore. They will laugh at us, and ask why Singaporeans have no sense of national identity, and only love to suck it up to the foreigners. They have no confidence of their own country. So far I have not heard of any foreign friends hating their own country. Even when their countries are filled with problems, they still call their country home. Why not us?

So before I end, I would like to give a toast to our nation’s 45 years of independence. To Singapore, a country I call home. And to those Singaporeans who dislike your own country, think twice again. 🙂

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