Marina Bay Wonder

Wow look at how much Marina Bay has changed over the past year. Now we have Helix Bridge, new commerical buildings, and best of all, the Marina Bay Sands!
Look at these two videos and you will realise how cool this new addition to the skyline is.

I am definitely going to stay there for a night during the countdown on 31st December this year. Yeah!

Anyway, today’s bookout day and this whole week has been filled with 4.8km runs to 6km runs, with strength trainings like pull-ups and loads of push-ups, and other static exercises that make your whole body ache for the whole week. Now the aches are part and parcel of my life, and I dont seem to be bothered by the numbness and ache anymore. LOL. I have been surviving on chips and tidbits to keep myself awake during lectures everyday, but surprisingly I have been attentive most of the time during lectures compared to school days. I think thats because I sleep more in the army compared to school days where I have only about 4-5 hours of sleep everyday. I still miss school though. But now I am not sure. I kinda like army life too. Somehow it trains you to be disciplined, and pt trainings keep your body fit. I am learning ways to protect myself from suspects or criminals, and to protect my weapons from them. I am also learning the different arrest methods by handcuffing, as well as military law. These knowledge and skills are so valuable, you dont get to learn in the civilian world. We are a unique bunch of people. Thats why after an emotional and inspirational talk by our RSM Singh I learnt that we as MPs should uphold the image of Military Policeman and although we make mistakes, MPs cannot make any because the public and SAF look at us in a different way as their impression of us are different. They expect more from us. So we must contribute more. Right? Way to go, my fellow coursemates. We will pass this course as great MP commanders. =D

2 thoughts on “Marina Bay Wonder

  1. Commanders… Amar Singh is nice.. He gave us free ice-cream and food from the VIP lounge last night..

    Hahaha. Have fun during MLM man. (:

    And don’t bully the new basic intake coming on Monday.. lol!

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