2nd Block Leave

I have finally graduated from 55th Basic Section Leader Course ( Foundation Term). Congratulations Jonathan! Haha. I am so glad that I have finally completed this gruelling 8 week course. Although I was under the new syllabus where there is only one fieldcamp, the fieldcamp which I experienced was one of the worst times of my life. Urban operations was total mental disaster for me, and navigation at Mandai was a complete failure. I cant talk about my mission there but after that incident I really swore to myself that I will never ever step foot in the forest. On the last few days of my course, I prayed so hard that I will not get ASLC, where there will be at least 3 more fieldcamps and mision exercise in Taiwan. And I prayers were answered. Thank you god. Thank you. I am posted to the vocation that every NSman will die to get it. MP command. Not MP man, but a commander. So after the next course, I will be posted out as MP sergeant, which is really big shot because I am able to catch the officers if they break any rules. Haha. So I am having the same post as JunJie, although he will be my senior. I am really excited about my new course, which will not be at Pasir Laba Camp anymore, but Mowbray Camp at Kranji. I will be able to meet some of my secondary school friends or my BMT mates. Cant wait!

I am spending my first day of block leave at Sentosa Resorts World Hard Rock Hotel. I am rather disappointed with the service there. There is no dine-in service, and the restaurants on the ground floor were fully booked. We had to walk out of the hotel to the Forum to check out the other restaurants. In the end we ate at the RamenPlay which was the same restaurant as the one which I went with my 6a classmates during our last class outing.

The world cup fever is on, even at Resorts World. At the Forum, there were at least 5 TV and LED screens showing the first match South Korea against Greece. And South Korea won!!! Yes! Anyway I can watch the match from my iphone at $1 for 24 hours, which is not a bad rate compared to the rate Starhub offered for the cabletv.

Thats all for the first day of block leave. This is a rather informal post, and I will be writing another post on religion and science after reading Angels and Demons. Sleeep time! =D

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