Life as A Section commander Trainee

I am not supposed to talk about my army life on my blog anyway, so I will share my thoughts sensored. 🙂

This week we went for our SOC once again. (standard obstacle course) I should say I have definitely improved over the past few weeks. I could still vivdly recall my first rundown in full gear ( SBO) during my BMT days which was only 50m rundown and I was nearly dead at the end of the run. This time round, it was a full 600m rundown and 600m back to end point, and I survived it without much pain all over my body. And I passed all stations rather smoothly, except for the low rope which I struggled quite a bit trying to get to the top. And I got rope burns all over my hands when I slid down the rope. Ouch.

Thursday was spent doing Chemical defence. We were put in a gas chamber, where we were made to do the 5BX (5 basic exercises), after which our staff sergeant would give us the signal to remove our canister( filter) one by one and change a new one with eyes closed and breath held. This helps us train our confidence in times of emergency. Then we would one by one call out our NRIC and rank and name after removing our mask and then we were allowed to leave the room. In the chamber, when the tear gas was lit, I started feeling a burning sensation in my throat, like a very bad sore throat. I did not panick though, and kept calm throughout. After the 5 exercises, I tried hard not to pant too much so that I wont breathe in the tear gas. The changing of canister went smoothly, and unfortunately I was the last two in the queue to go out of the chamber. After removing my mask and shouting out my name, i tried to dash out of the room as I started to panic. I was really afraid I couldnt hold my breath for long. It was a grave mistake. Rushing out means more gas will enter the pores of my face. Luckily my SSG stopped me and when I went out into the open, my face started burning and I teared badly. I clinged onto a nearby fence while trying hard not to panic. Luckily after a while, I could control the pain and everything went back to normal. What an experience!

At least now I have lots of stories to share with my children. NS has made me a stronger person, not just physically but also mentally. The can-do attitude is very evident in the army, as the activities make you go beyond your limits. And hey sometimes things that you feel you may not be able to do it may just become a simple task for you. Its just mind over body. YEP.

3 thoughts on “Life as A Section commander Trainee

  1. Woohoo pasir laba’s STF is really something.
    I survived the chamber with an open wound on the face without much effect on me.. LOL. My sgt asked if I wanted to go in one more time since the gas like no effect on me one haha.

    Anw, grats on your posting.. (:

  2. >jj: Congrats! LOL. WTH open wound and no effect on you? I got none and I still had to forc myself not to tear so much. You just went to STF last week? So actually your course is similar to my BSLC la?

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