Singaporeans’ fashion sense trashy?

Fashion, like all trends, work in cycles. Although cliched, it is very true. Singapore fashion,I find, has already come out of its growth stage and the spurt will definitely be seen in the next 5 years. With so many influences from all over the world, Singapore’s fashion has seen vast improvements for the past 5 years. Armed with the knowledge and renewed sense of style and aesthetics, Singaporeans can now accept diverse cultures and styles, without feeling shocked or appalled. Moving on 5 years from now, Singapore will be a potpurri of fashion styles, cultures and designs. And with the fact that Singapore is a multi cultural society, the fashion scene will see a further redefined segment where east-meet-west comes naturally.

However, while the fashion scene seems to be picking up in Singapore, what we see visually seems to tell us otherwise. Singaporeans are still dressing in flip flops and t-shirts and shorts have become our national dress, save the trouble for advertising our SIA costume.

It is very obvious that we are trying to follow fashion trends from Japan, Taiwan and Korea, and seem to fail at it. The Uniqlo gaga seems to bring Japanese fashion back to Singapore after being taken over by new korean styles and trends. However, many people still do not know how to dress up well on the streets.

There has also been a lot of debate lately how we define fashion. Is it something that we should follow the rest or we should dress according to every individual’s taste and preference. Many are lamenting that Singaporeans are following too closely to korean fashion nowadays. But if we do not follow them closely, is that called fashion at all? Until Singapore is able to create a niche for ourselves with a unique fashion and tends that our countries will start following, it is only imperative that we follow theirs.

However I am confident that in 5 years time, all genre of fashion will enjoy seamless transition. Be it hi end, urban or hi street fashion, Singapore will see a versatile fashion scene where individual style is the essence, and it is not what you wear, but how you wear it. With the maturity in this sense, there will be less ‘clones’ and more distinctive style, not unlike Japan, Hong Kong and Korea where they are considered the fashion gateway of Asia.

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