Block Leave

I have been enjoying myself for the past few weeks, after the successful completion of my BMT( Basic Military training). Well, not completely though. I did not finish SOC 8 and 9. But sergeant YY told me if the school did not contact me to go back then its ok. I am really glad that I do not need to go back on saturday for guard duty though, it would have definitely ruined my holiday.

I went to Universal Studios Singapore with my HC friends last weekend, and honestly I was trying too hard to love USS. Somehow, because this theme park is found in my country, I have full of praises for it. However, there are lots of loopholes to the park too. For example, they did not announce the closure of the Jurassic Park rapids Adventure ride at all, and I was actually hoping that I would be able to sit on this ride which is one of the highlights of the USS. Anyway, it was still worth the money though, I managed to sit on Revenge of the Mummy, which was awesome. The effects was splendid, and I do not mind sitting on it again and again.

I have been watching 灿烂的遗产for the past few days, and I learnt a lot from this show. Yes its another korean show, and no it is not another Boys over flowers movie where the Koreans are trying so hard to show their wealth and status in their country. In this series it says about how being wealthy will not guarantee you a place in society in the future. With lousy attitude and character, you also wont be able to survive in this world. Yes its really true. So what if you are rich, do you want to live a life without doing anything to prove that you are worth something? Are you really going to depend on your rich parents to live for the rest of your lives? They may leave you a huge fortune, but by the time you are old, you will ask yourself, what have I done and fight for the past decades… So thats how this rich man’s son learnt from all the experience he got from his grandma who stopped giving him money so that he can work outside and learn about how people out there are suffering trying to earn for a living. Yes this series has definitely taught me something, and I will not forget.

Tomorrow I will be getting my posting results. It is almost as exciting as getting my Alevel results, but much better. I know I should be able to get into SISPEC, unless I failed badly in Sitest, and I will end up in MP, which is not a bad choice either. If I land myself in OCS, screw me. I am dead. Hahaha.

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