Japan Trip- Day 3 (18th Dec 09)

On the 4th day, we proceeded to Mt Fuji, the most sacred mountain in Japan. We were so lucky that we were able to ascend to the 5th level to experience the view of the whole country, as well as a close-up look of the peak. The 5th level is about 2305m. The exact height of the mountain is 3776m, and its growing every year. It was super cold up there, and I was literally freezing. It was defnitely colder than a freezer, as the temperature recorded outside the shopping mall( a small cottage) was -13C. Really suffering.

Top of the world

We did not even dare to stay outside for long to take photos. We were taking turns to go in and out of the cottage to embrace the cold. After some quick shots of photos, we rushed back into the mall where there were huge heaters waiting for us.

After the ‘harrowing’ experience, the tour bus brought us back down to the foot of the mountain, and there was another surprise for us. There was actually an outlet mall, Gotemba Premium Outlet, which sells all the branded goods. Well it was ladys’ shopping once again and we just tagged along. Some Furla bags were bought, and I couldnt find anything I like from Nike and Puma, though there were some nice bags. Well why would I have the mood to buy any when I would be enlisting in army soon and there is really no point buying any new stuff.

We stopped by the Oshinohakai Village, which has a small pond in the middle, which spewed hot smoke, ( due to the hot spring), and there were fishes inside! Seriously I think the fishes in the pond have longer lifespan than us. Haha. We bought some japanese tidbits and goodies and shopped for some souvenirs, before heading to our hotel, which was at the lake at the foot of Mt Fuji.

The scenery was really breathtaking, and the mountain you see on the top of my blog is indeed Mt Fuji. At the same time, I was starting to feel colder and colder, as the tour guide mentioned that we were entering the ‘peak’ of the cold snap, and temperatures plunged way below Oc, even at the foot of the mountain, and it was usually not the case in December in that area, so they say.

At night my family and I, of course with the rest of the tour group dressed in traditional Yukata and settled down to have Japanese Steamboat dinner with lots of sashimi on it, and some of us went for dip in the hot spring. Trust me, after years of travelling overseas with lots of hot springs, I have never been inside one before, the closest I got was the one in Beijing, walking naked but I managed to weat a bath robe and went for foot massage instead. I just dont like the idea of swimming naked in a pool. Ok maybe that will become nothing when I ‘hardened’ up in the army. LMAO.

3 thoughts on “Japan Trip- Day 3 (18th Dec 09)

  1. Haha, I also took turns to go in and out of the mountain station on top of Mount Titlis in Switzerland, which was -17 >.< My hands were damn pain after the first trip and I had to "thaw" my hands lol.

    Lol, should try hot spring… Though I haven't tried entering one before but I wish I could try one now haha. Even Tiantian tried it (:

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