Japan Trip- Day 2 ( 17 Dec 09)

On the second day, we went to Nara Deer Park. After that experience, it has inevitably changed my perception of deers. I always thought deers were afraid of humans. But at the park, the deers were roaming around freely, oblivious to the surroundings. In fact,

The deer is not scared of humans at all!

when some Japanese students fed the deers food provided by the temple the deers started going wild and chased after the students for more food. Poor them. Haha. Then we visited the Todaiji Temple which houses a 15m high Buddha, cast in copper and coasted in gold, placed in Daibutsu Den a UNESCO world heritage site. After that, we proceeded to Kyoto( the traditional city of Japan)’s Nishijin Textile Centre and I was really fascinated by the Kimono Fashion show. There are many types of kimonos, and when you reached a certain age, you have to change the type of kimono that you have to wear. Oh wells, I wasnt really listening in the bus, (bad student ehh), so I do not really know what type of kimono different people of different age groups have to wear.

Kyomizu Temple

Anyway, after the fashion show and lunch, we headed to the famous Kyomizu temple which is also known as the “pure Water Temple”, notable for its vast veranda supported by hundreds of pillars and commands a panoramic view of Kyoto. It is one of the most celebrated temples in Japan with captivating charm as the season changes. I prayed for good results for my Alevels, but my mum said I had already taken the exam, so its useless. 😦 I drank the pure water from the stream, and mind you I took about 15 minutes just to queue up to drink the water. We went to take the bullet train ( Shinkansen) from Kyoto to Nagoya in the evening. I was surprised that the train was not travelling at the speed it would go, but the tour guide said that you cannot really feel it moving fast, because the objects outside the train are too far away. True…

Nagoya Main Train Station

We reached Nagoya and had our dinner at some fanciful restaurant which serves traditional Japanese food and I had steamboat Udon, and sashimi. Yummm, I am really drooling at the thought of it lol. Then we went back to our hotel, which has a cool name, Nagoya Castle Hotel. Why? Because it has the full view of Nagoya Castle! Too bad it was at night and the castle was almost in complete darkness except for lighting effects on the main castle building.

2 thoughts on “Japan Trip- Day 2 ( 17 Dec 09)

  1. Lol u tried the water at Kyomizu? I didn’t even bother. Don’t believe in such stuff anyway 😛

    Btw did you try shabu shabu? The raw beef and veg to be cooked in hot pot de. I rmb it was the best meal I had haha.

  2. Yeah i tried and I lubbed the raw meat cos they are like cut into thin slices so when you eat it its quite QQ de. HAHA wts some advertising food show.

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