Japan Trip- Day 1 ( 16 Dec 09)

At USO with my cousins.

The first night was spent on an SIA plane flying towards Kansai Airport in Osaka and by the time we reached Osaka, it was already morning. The tour guide told us that Japan at that time was currently experiencing a cold snap and told us to wear thicker clothes to keep ourselves warm. Anyway, temperatures in Japan is still not as cold as that in South Korea where temperatures dipped to a low of -10C when I was there in 2006. Anyway, it was cold nonetheless since we are tropical noobs and so I still bundled up myself quite warmly.

We headed for Universal Sudios Osaka on the first day. And we spent the whole afternoon sitting on the rides and shows such as Shrek’s 4D adventure, (everything spoken in Japanese, wtf) Spiderman’s Ride, and ET adventure. I personally liked Spiderman’s ride, as it is some kind of a 4D ride on some kind of roller coaster, where you follow Spiderman climbing buildings and flying through skyscrapers after skyscrapers in New York 50 storeys high, while sitting firmly in your seats and the roller coaster spinning wildly. Well you get what I mean, dont puke though. 🙂 Anyway, we watched Hello Kitty’s performance and her gang ( didnt know she had a gang :D) and some christmas parade which spewed fake snow on the streets. It was damn cool, and how I wish Universal Studios Singapore would quickly open too. But it is going to disappoint me I guess, it wont open until I leave for army. 😦

We proceeded to Shinsaibashi, the major shopping belt in Osaka to look for food. Well I shant say that the food there is amazing but trust me I have eaten much nicer food in Singapore like the restaurant at One Fullerton, the sashimi beats those I ate in Osaka hands down. Period. But at least it is the first time I tried eating puffer fish, though it tasted just like any other fish. We left for our hotel after

that. I kinda regret that I didnt enjoy the facilities at Hyatt Osaka as much, as it was the best and most spacious hotel we stayed during our whole Japan trip.

2 thoughts on “Japan Trip- Day 1 ( 16 Dec 09)

  1. I went Shinsaibashi on the last day lol, though I don’t think I did anything much there. Probably bought 2 J-Pop CDs haha.

    I remembered I visited ET adventure and Shrek’s 4D!! (:

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